Roof Repair Services in Greater Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie & Rhinebeck

Your roof is your first line of defense. Maintaining your roof with proper repair work keeps both you and your property safe. Lyndsey Roofing specializes in roof repair services throughout Greater Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, and Rhinebeck. We keep your roof in top condition, preventing leaks and water damage. We proudly service homeowners and businesses throughout all of Dutchess County, NY. Give us a call today to get started.

Roof Repair for:

Gutters and downspouts

Clogged or damaged gutters & downspouts results in water buildup on your roof and the foundation of your Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, or Rhinebeck home. This excess water seeps under the shingles of your roof and through the walls of your basement. The resulting water damage can quickly cause expensive property damage. To prevent this headache from ever happening, Lyndsey Roofing offers professional gutter/downspout repair and maintenance. We work with all types of gutters and materials, including aluminum and copper.

Roof flashing

Roof flashing helps direct the flow of water on your roof. Chimneys, vent stacks and skylights, as well as step and valley flashing are areas that are vulnerable to water leakage. Water build-up in these areas can cause damage to the structure and joints of your home. Skylight flashing is repaired with a sealant to secure the glass and aluminum around it.

Roofing Ventilation

Roof vents are usually the area rodents will aim for in order to access the cove or attic of your Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, and Rhinebeck house. Screening the vents and routinely making sure there are no holes prevents unnecessary costs caused by animal infestations. Signs of animal infestation can also mean that your are in need of attic insulation. In both bases, Lyndsey Roofing provides inspection to get to the root cause of your problem.

Torn Shingles

Torn shingles expose the roof to the harsh weather elements like high winds, rain, and uv rays. To protect the plywood base of your roof it’s important to replace torn shingles. Neglected repair of torn shingles may result in increased damage of rotten plywood, resulting in the need to replace the roof .  Lyndsey Roofing offer professional advice to help you make the decisions between torn shingle repairs and roof replacements.

Weather related damages

Severe rain, hail, high winds, fallen trees/limbs and snowstorms are all damaging to your roof. Lyndsey Roofing offers professional, efficient and timely service to secure and dry in the roof with tarps before properly repairing all damages.
Emergency Roof Repair

Water getting into your Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, or Rhinebeck home?  Fallen tree down the middle of your house? Lyndsey Roofing provides  roof repairs. Tarping your roof, drying it in, and securing holes in the roof is the first step to emergency roof repair. As weather permits, Lyndsey Roofing contractors will provide you with a roof repair or replacement estimate.

Repairs for:

  • Water infiltration due to leaking roof
  • Fallen trees or limbs on roof
  • Emergency storm damage
  • Ice damage repairs
  • High wind damage

Benefits of Regular Roof Maintenance

Often times homeowners in Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, or Rhinebeck will wait until their roof is so severely and noticeably damaged that the cost of repair skyrockets. Roof repairs and maintenance help keep costs low, preserve the longevity of your roof and maintain the value of your Dutchess County home.

When should maintenance be done?

Once a Year – once a year inspections done by professional contractors enhance the structural integrity of your roof by repairing high-cost areas like torn shingles and flashing.

After a Storm – storm inspections by Lyndsey Roofing include assessing and cleaning out gutters, flashing leaks, skylights, torn shingles, and torn ventilation areas.

Spring – winter snow and ice buildup can cause torn shingles, clogged gutter, excess water, and leaking flashing. Lyndsey Roofing can will provide an estimate to plan perform necessary repairs, and provide information to you  preventative options such as Ice Dams and Snow Management Systems

Why Lyndsey Roofing for Roof Repair?

As a GAF Certified roofing contractor, a Home Advisor Top Rated contractor and an Angie’s List approved contractor, Lyndsey Roofing is here to help homeowners & businesses in Dutchess County including Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck and surrounding areas to settle all your roof repair and maintenance needs. We use top-rated suppliers and high-quality materials to provide you with exceptional and professional service. Let our dedicated and knowledgeable staff repair and maintain your roof.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. You can contact Lyndsey Roofing by phone at 845-853-3770 or email at You may also visit contact page to fill out an inquiry.