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Effective roof ventilation systems reduce damaging heat and moisture in your attic, promote energy efficiency by helping to reduce the load on your air conditioner, and reduce the risk of ice dam formation on your roof.

At Lyndsey Roofing®, we make sure your attic is insulated and ventilated at the highest level of quality with our skilled installers. This includes performing a comprehensive roof inspection to investigate any damages prior to the installation. With proper roof ventilation, your home will be able to reap the benefits of greater heating and cooling efficiency, lower electric bills, and reduced mold growth. 

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    Why Choose Lyndsey Roofing® for ROOF VENTILATION

    Quality Guaranteed

    Our team of roof specialists pride themselves in offering the best quality around. At Lyndsey Roofing®, we guarantee you that our passion for roofing will show in your end product as we work effectively and efficiently.

    Affordable Prices

    We base our prices off your budget for affordable work demands. We will work with you to come up with best best solution for your roof ventilation.

    Customer Satisfaction

    We treat your roof like it were our own, and that is why our company is rated highest in customer satisfaction. Our mission is to provide each customer with the best roofing services possible. 

    How Does Ventilation Work?

    Roof vents use the wind, solar, electrical energy or natural convection to move air out of the attic area. In the cold, ventilation can vent moisture from a home and prevent ice dams. In the heat, ventilation can remove hot air, keeping energy costs down and both your home and attic at a comfortable temperature.

    During the summer months, heat on your roof can get trapped inside your attic, making extremely hot conditions throughout your home. Attic heat can seep into your home, making your rooms less comfortable and causing your air conditioning system to run non-stop. Proper ventilation can help break the cycle, remove the excess heat and work towards making every room evenly comfortable.



    Energy efficiency is increased because the temperature of the attic is lower, and therefore hot air isn’t permeating into you home. Proper ventilation keeps your air conditioner from having to work as hard, as long and as often. This not only reduces energy costs, but also means your heating and cooling system will last longer.


    Ventilation can help to keep every room in your home at the same, even temperature so that you don’t have to turn up the air conditioner to keep particular rooms comfortable. Having the proper ventilation in place saves your shingles and extends the life of your original roof, or roof replacement.


    Proper ventilation also preserves your insulation by preventing the appearance of droplets from condensation caused by trapped vapors from home appliances.  Well-placed ventilation in your home prevents trapped moisture, which can come into contact with, and damage, your home’s wood framing.


    Ridge vents -These vents are placed along the ridge of your roof. Ridge vents let the hot air rise out of the roof.  Placed in conjunction with under-eave soffit venting, this system can be very efficient because it vents the whole of the roof evenly.
    • Power vents -These vents use solar or electric power to run motors to drive the air out of the attic. Some have adjustable thermostats to trigger them to run when the attic reaches a particular temperature or humidity.


    • Static vents and soffit vents – Static vents use the wind or natural convection to transfer cooler air into the attic and hotter air out. They work in conjunction with soffit vents which are positioned under the eaves of the house in the soffits. They come in a wide variety of styles including ridge vents, air hawks, turtle vents, or mushroom vents.
    • Turtle vents, Air Hawks, and Mushroom Vents  – These vents are placed along the ridge of the roof with even spacing, and allow air to come out. These are primarily used when there is not enough ridge to support adequate ventilation with ridge vents.

    hundreds of satisfied roof Ventilation customers

    Extremely professional with excellent follow up and follow through. In today’s world, it can be challenging to find a company who offers impeccable start to finish service. Bill not only said what he would do – he actually did what he said he would. His crew gave attention to every detail just like Bill did. The service was prompt, professional and well done. I am 100% pleased with our new roof and our experience with Lyndsey Roofing®, LLC. -Daria R.
    I ended up with a beautiful roof. Mr. Reilly was professional, did amazing work. He and his crew were prompt, efficient, did above and beyond and came in on estimate. It's been a long time since I received exactly and more than what I paid for. Great local business!!! - Carolyn D.

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    Lydnsey Roofing offers stress-free financing for your project.

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