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If you live in Ulster, NY and are seeking a roofing company or contractor, you’re come to the right place! Lydnsey Roofing is a fully insured roofing company filled with expert roofers who are passionate about the work they provide.

With our affordable prices and excellent customer service, you’re already at a great start. Our team is made up of professional workers who are dedicated to solving even the biggest roofing problems. Equipped with the best quality material and years of experience, we’ll be able to finish your roofing project on-time and for am affordable price. We are a group of individuals who are passionate about roofing and we love helping our Ulster, NY clients. If you are seeking roofing services for repairs, replacement, gutter services, or attic insulation, call us today for a FREE ESTIMATE: 845-444-3036


Extremely professional with excellent follow up and follow through. In today’s world, it can be challenging to find a company who offers impeccable start to finish service. Bill not only said what he would do – he actually did what he said he would. His crew gave attention to every detail just like Bill did. The service was prompt, professional and well done. I am 100% pleased with our new roof and our experience with Lyndsey Roofing, LLC. -Daria R.

Why Choose Lyndsey Roofing?

Quality Guaranteed

For our Ulster clients, we’ll only provide the best customer service and a group of experts who are truly passionate about what we have to offer. We can guarantee that we’ll get your roofing project done on-time and for an affordable price.

Affordable Prices

We price our roofing projects based on your budget. That means we’ll work together to give you quality work for what you can afford.

Customer Satisfaction

Our roofing company is highly rated in customer satisfaction because we understand the quality of work our customers want to see. Our aim is to provide you with amazing results, and we won’t stop until you are happy with what we have to offer.

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Our Roofing Services in Ulster

Roof Repairs

Roof damage can happen to any home. It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 years old or just built, things happen and we’ll be here to help you. We work around-the-clock to ensure that every crack and hole is patched up. We want our Ulster customers to feel safe inside their home with the help of our efficient roof repair services.

Problems We Fix:

>Missing, cracked or curling shingles
>Wind damage
>Hail damage
>Dark spots

Roof Replacement

Roof replacement

It doesn’t matter where you live, inclement weather can strike at any time and cause serious damage to your home. Our Professional experts at Lyndsey Roofing are here to help you if you need to replace your damaged roof. We’ll work together with you on every aspect of your roof including budgeting to choosing the right colors and materials. We know this will be a stressful time for you, but we’ll work our hardest to restore your home back to its original glory.

Roofing materials we offer:

>Aslphalt composite shingles
>Wood shake shingles
>Metal roofing
>Rubber/faux slate

Roof Maintenance

We can also extend our roofing services to not only residences but also businesses! We specialize in roof inspections and maintenance and can help with most roof issues or existing clutter. For our roof inspections, we work closely with a variety of roofs: rubber, shingled, concrete, and clay tiles.

Our maintenance inspection includes:

>Review of debris collecting on the roof
>Review of water excess and contaminants
>Visual inspection of the roofing membrane condition
>Inspection of HVAC curbs, wall flashings, drains, perimeter flashings and pipe flashings.

Snow Management

It’s tough just shoveling the driveway, but removing heavy snow from your roof is just another thing to worry about in the winter. If you can’t remove it after a heavy snowfall, your roof could potentially collapse and leave long-lasting damage. Our snow management services protect your roof during the harsh winters. We also specialize in ice dam removal!



Attic Insulation

Winter can take a toll on much more than just your roof. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, you can face a hefty heating bill. Normally, attic insulation helps retain heat in your home and cuts down the cost on your heating bill every month.

If you find that your home isn’t as warm as it used to be, you could have a hole or crack in your attic. Problems such as these are no match for our team of experts. We’ll help you fully insulate your attic, because we care about you and your home.

Your Roofing Contractor serving Ulster, NY

Lyndsey Roofing is the roofing contractor that you’ve been looking for in Ulster, NY. We’ve offered our roofing expertise and excellent customer service for years. We love providing our Ulster, NY customers  with our roof replacement and new roof installations. We aim to provide the best quality service for the most affordable price.

With a crew full of experienced roof workers, we enjoy providing our top-notch customer service to all of our clients. We’ll always arrive on time, keep on-schedule and finish your roofing project as expected. Don’t get frustrated with loose shingles, leaking or damaged roofs, and other roof-related issues, we can help! Lyndsey Roofing is a fully licensed and insured roofing contractor that enjoys servicing Ulster, NY. We’re here to help you feel more secure with the quality of your roof and help you with maintenance whenever you need.