Soffits and Fascia in Greater Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, and Rhinebeck

For both residential and commercial building owners in Greater Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, and Rhinebeck, knowledge of the various parts of a roof is important. Even if you plan to acquire roofing services for your Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, or Rhinebeck home, it is essential that you understand the different parts of your roofing system such as soffits, fascia, flashing, shingles, and gutters. By knowing the role played by each part to the overall roof structure and what typical problems are associated with each, you can easily spot signs of trouble.

The term soffit originated from a Latin base word which means “to fix underneath” and a French word which translates to “formed as a ceiling.” Exterior soffits are found beneath the rafter tails of a roof eave. For architectural structures like ceilings, staircases, and archways, the soffit is the horizontal underside. On the other hand, a fascia is the exposed vertical finishing edge at the end of the rafters. It can also be the area where the gutter attaches to the roof. The functions of these roof elements are not just for aesthetics, but also as protection against pests and to provide added ventilation.

A soffit typically has slits or small holes that allow air to circulate. Soffits typically function to assist ventilation in attics. This portion of the roof overhang may attract pests. During inspections, it is necessary to check this part for cracks and rotting. In most cases if rotting occurs the whole roof must be replaced. This layer is also responsible for protecting the attic insulation. Although soffits are traditionally made from materials like wood and aluminum, building owners are now switching to synthetic materials like vinyl and UPVC. Vinyl effectively withstands deterioration caused by heat and moisture, making it the best material for soffits.

The fascia is a layer between the roof overhang and the outdoors. Its functional role is to protect the wooden board from water damage and to carry guttering.  Waterproofing wooden fascia boards is crucial because moisture can easily degrade it. The most common cause for the fascia to fail can be attributed to neglected gutter care. Vinyl fascia’s are also gaining popularity because they are durable and easily maintained.

For durable roofing systems, the correct installation and proper waterproofing of the soffit and fascia must be given attention.

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