Lyndsey Roofing proudly serves Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck and beyond with the best in gutter cleaning. You can rest easy knowing Lyndsey Roofing is fully ensured and filled with licensed gutter cleaning specialists.

You gutter acts as a relief for adverse weather like rain and snow, so if your gutter is installed incorrectly, your house could undertake quite a lot of damage.

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Why Choose Lyndsey Roofing for Gutter Installation?

Quality Guaranteed

Our team of experienced gutter specialists are passionate about the work we provide and our quality proves that. We guarantee that you will receive the best quality work available.

Affordable Prices

We build our pricing system off your budget. No matter your financial situation, we are sure to create a gutter installation package what will work within your budget.

Customer Satisfaction

Our mission is to provide all our customers with the best roofing services possible that leaves them with a smile on their face.

Types of Gutters We Install

There are several types of gutters that you can fashion on your home to protect it against harsh elements like rain and snow. Choose from gutters like seamless gutters, aluminum, copper, and wood gutters, k-style and half round gutters. You can also opt to also get gutter guards and gutter screens.

At Lyndsey Roofing, we are confident that we have the gutter installation solution to fit your family home’s needs. To learn more about our roofing services, call us at 845-849-1641. We offer roofing services to Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, and Rhinebeck. Give us a call today!

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters help ensure that your gutter system will have no leaks, plus they look great! Lyndsey Roofing’s seamless gutter design help protect your home from the elements without suffering much wear and tear such as expansion and contraction. Your seamless gutters will stay strong and sturdy for years to come.

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Aluminum, copper and wood gutters are many homes’ go-to styles for gutter. Aluminum, the most popular gutter material are strong and lightweight and can also be created as either seamless gutters or k-style gutters. Copper gutters are both stylish and sturdy, as they never rust. You can find these gutters in more classic restoration projects. Finally, wood gutters are typically used in rare restoration projects and the pricing can vary depending on the type of wood being used. No matter the material you choose for your new gutter installation, be sure to only use the experts at Lyndsey Roofing.


The two types of gutters that are available are k-style and half round gutters. K-style is, by far, the most common gutter system used. It offers easy installation and has flexible options depending on your need and home style. Half-round gutters offer homes a more stylistic appeal for homes with their traditional appearance that matches certain architectural styles. Whether you have a modern home that fits a k-style gutter system or a classic home that would look better with a half-round gutter system, Lyndsey Roofing has both options for you.

If you are ready to get started installing your new gutters with the best in the industry, please don’t hesitate to call! Contact Lyndsey Roofing today by phone at 845-849-1641 or email at You may also visit contact page to fill out an inquiry.