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The roof over your head serves as a protectant for you and your home. At Lyndsey Roofing®, we know this and take pride in the roofs that we build, maintain and repair to ensure you have a quality roof that lasts. Our experienced team can provide you with the best service and care for your Newburgh property at reasonable prices. No matter how big or small, we will meet your needs with top quality workmanship and materials.

Our team at Lyndsey Roofing® commits to customer satisfaction and friendly prices which is why we work closely with you to make sure the work is up to your expectations. For all of your Newburgh needs, whether it be a repair, replacement, gutter services, attic insulation, or another roof-related need, Lyndsey Roofing® is here to help.

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    Extremely professional with excellent follow up and follow through. In today’s world, it can be challenging to find a company who offers impeccable start to finish service. Bill not only said what he would do – he actually did what he said he would. His crew gave attention to every detail just like Bill did. The service was prompt, professional and well done. I am 100% pleased with our new roof and our experience with Lyndsey Roofing®, LLC. -Daria R.

    Why Choose Lyndsey Roofing®?

    Quality Guaranteed

    Our team is experienced and thorough which is why we can guarantee that the service Lyndsey Roofing® provides will yield better results for your Newburgh property than any other roofing company around. We take pride in our work; it’s proof that we love what we do.

    Affordable Prices

    We know that budget can be tricky but we want to work with you to make this part of the process as seamless as can be. At Lyndsey Roofing®, we will do our best to accommodate your needs within a budget that is comfortable for you and your Newburgh property. In addition to pricing, we will also work with you to create a timeline so that everyone involved understands the time in which it will take to complete the project.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Our company treats your roofing project as our own which is why we have been consistently recognized for a high satisfaction rating. Lyndsey Roofing® strives to give you the best work, leaving you satisfied and your Newburgh property looking ideal.

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    Check out our Roofing work in Newburgh, NY!

    gutter repair

    Our Roofing Services in Newburgh, NY

    roof repair

    Roof Repairs

    Roof damage is a recurring issue that happens to all different types of houses. We will work diligently to identify every repair needed for your roof to not only make it secure, but also pleasing to the eye. Your home in Newburgh will be looking fresh and new with our assistance!

    Problems We Fix:

    >Missing, cracked or curling shingles
    >Wind damage
    >Hail damage
    >Dark spots

    Roof Replacement

    Roof Replacements

    Being in the Northeast, we experience a lot of different weather conditions which is why Lyndsey Roofing® is best suited to replace your Newburgh roof when you need to. Regardless of the condition, we will find the right color and materials for your roof while walking you through each step to ease your mind and keep you involved in the process.

    Roofing materials we offer:

    >Aslphalt composite shingles
    >Wood shake shingles
    >Metal roofing
    >Rubber/faux slate

    roof repair

    Roof Maintenance

    Often the key to fixing a problem is to keep up with it. Roof damage can occur naturally with the weather and for other reasons which is why scheduling roof maintenance with Lyndsey Roofing® is always a good idea. To keep up with your Newburgh home, we will visit your property and inspect potential problem areas so that we can get ahead of them. We will keep you informed for next steps and things to consider so that you aren’t left with any repairs that could have been easily maintained.

    Our maintenance inspection includes:

    >Review of debris collecting on the roof
    >Review of water excess and contaminants
    >Visual inspection of the roofing membrane condition
    >Inspection of HVAC curbs, wall flashings, drains, perimeter flashings and pipe flashings.

    Commercial Roofing Contractor

    Commercial Roof Repair & Replacement

    In addition to homeowners in Newburgh, Lyndsey Roofing® is able to accommodate businesses too! For businesses, we offer the same services such as maintenance, repairs, and installations. Regardless of the matter- rubber, shingle, concrete- we can help you with whatever your roofing needs entail.

    Commercial roofing for:

    >Roof Maintenance
    >Roof repair projects
    >Complete Rubber Roof Installation & Replacement
    >Inspection of HVAC curbs, wall flashings, drains, perimeter flashings and pipe flashings.

    Siding Repair and Replacement

    Siding Installation & Repair

    Siding your Newburgh home or business is yet another service we offer our clients. Lyndsey Roofing® wil install, replace and repair your siding including materials of all sorts such as vinyl, wood and fiber cement siding. We are Newburgh’s experts, so let us handle your roofing problems.

    Siding Material Include:

    >Vinyl Siding
    >Wood Siding
    >Fiber cement siding

    roof snow management

    Snow Management

    Winters can be relentless in New York which can result in your roof being affected. Our snow management services will protect your Newburgh roof during the winter months. By maintaining the snow, our team will also be working to make sure that your roof is receiving minimal impact for the longevity of your roof. We are also equipped to remove ice dams.
    attic insulation

    Attic Insulation

    Winters cause not only external damages to your home but can als cause issues with heating, causing your bills to increase in the colder months. By insulating your roof, Lyndsey Roofing® will be able to ensure better heat efficiency for your Newburgh home or business which will also save you money. If you have noticed that your home is not as heat efficient as it used to be, contact us to find a solution as it could be a hole or a crack in the attic. Lyndsey roofing cares about your home and we want to help you make the best decisions for it.

    Your Newburgh Roofing Needs met by Lyndsey Roofing®

    Lyndsey Roofing® has an experienced team who specialize in roofs of all types. If you require a repair to your roof, we will go above and beyond to make sure that any imperfections are fixed. If you need roof maintenance to maintain your roof so that repairs can be less frequent and keep your roof or siding looking new, we will be there to upkeep the needs of your home or business. If you need an entirely new roof to be installed, we will work with you to meet your timeline for this project. Even if it is just snow removal- we can do that too! Lyndsey Roofing® is a company that you can trust with whatever roof or siding project you need done.

    We strive to provide you with a quality roof that meets all of your needs and expectations. Our team at Lyndsey Roofing® is open for consultation in order to decide what is best for your Newburgh home or business, create a timeline that works for you, and maintain affordable prices. Our customer service, quality workmanship, and experienced crew will make you feel confident about your home. Lyndsey Roofing® is the top licensed and insured roofing contractor service around, so do your Newburgh property a favor by calling us today!

    Call us for a free estimate at (845)-206-0329.


    Flexible Financing Options

    Lydnsey Roofing offers stress-free financing for your project.

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