Can I Install Solar Panels on My Roof?

Solar-powered systems for your home or commercial buildings are becoming increasingly popular. This is not surprising, given how far technology has progressed and the numerous benefits. 

This new technology is now a part of roofing systems that allow you to generate electricity sustainably. And, with equipment costs lower than in recent years, it could be a good investment. 

However, you have to ensure that your roof is suitable for solar panel installation. It’s important to assess the condition of your roofing system. It might need a new roof or just a roof repair first to handle the panels suitably. 

There are excellent roofing contractors that offer professional roofing services to help you with your concerns regarding solar panel installation. 

Read on to know the factors that can help you decide whether you can install solar panels on your roof.

Things to Consider when Installing Solar Panels

It’s essential to remember that solar panels aren’t suitable for every roof. There are various aspects of your roof that you should consider before proceeding with the installation. A thorough assessment of a roofing contractor is a must for this project. 

First, you should know if your existing home or commercial building has roofing problems. Then you should find the best roofing company to provide the best roofing solution for your home or business.

Here are the things to consider to have the best result, whatever your decision may be.

Roof's Age and Condition

Your Roof’s Age and Condition

Solar photovoltaic panels today are built to last 25 to 30 years. From one year to the next, their energy-generating capacity slightly decreases. As a result, you should consider whether your roofing system’s quality will last as long as the panels. 

Proper roof maintenance can also help solar panels to last longer.

It’s expected that the architectural asphalt roof will last for roughly 20 years. In this situation, solar panels would be a wise addition to your roofing investment. However, you should think twice if your roof has 3-tab shingles and is five years old. 

In this case, the solar panels are likely to survive much longer than the roof.

Meanwhile, placing solar panels on a damaged roof is not good. Instead, you should contact a roofing services contractor for roof repair or roof replacement. You won’t have to remove and replace the panels too soon if you deal with the roof’s issues right away. 

By doing this, your money, time, or effort will not go to waste.

Roof Condition

Is Your Roof Up to the Task?

A poor roofing system can cause considerable inconveniences to your business, clients, or customers. Placing solar photovoltaic panels on your roof will add weight to the underlying structure. 

The roof could collapse if the solar panels are too heavy. If you have two or more layers of shingle or tile on your roof, the roof frame may not be able to support any additional weight.

You’ll also have trouble if the roof sheathing is broken or outdated. It’s possible that the roof can’t support the weight of both shingles and solar panels. Before investing in panels, you should have your complete roof structure assessed by a roofing contractor. 

With these being said, it’s clear that roofing maintenance services play a major role in avoiding future hassles from roof replacements and repairs. Never think twice to make use of the roofing services to ensure that the quality of your roofing system can do the job.

Material of Roofing

Material of Roofing

The type of roof today that is most compatible for this project is GI sheet roofs or flat roofs. Commercial roofing companies usually make this kind of material for commercial roofing needs

On the other hand, roofing materials such as slate roofs and wood are not ideal for this project because they are brittle. If you’re planning to install a new roof, ensure that you have the perfect material for your roofing needs. 

You can utilize the expertise of a roofer or roofing contractor to help you decide which type of roof installation suits your building.

Roof's Pitch and Span

Your Roof’s Pitch and Span

Your roof must be suitably exposed to the sun to generate enough electricity for your home. You’ll also need a large surface area to create the required energy. According to most experts, the roof surface should face south with minor obstructions. A roof with a west-facing orientation might also generate adequate power. 

Suppose your roof orientation was not mentioned above. In that case, you might want to utilize a roofing service for a roof replacement or repair. In this case, the roofing services might need to install a new roof where the panels will be placed.

Roof Water Flow

Where Water Will Flow From Your Roof

Rainwater tends to run into the gutters and away from your house. On the other hand, solar panels will come with devices that can stop the flow of water. Wire harnesses and racks can even redirect water away from the waterway, causing leaks and other problems.

 The panels would have to be removed to fix these water issues. Save yourself the hassle of unnecessary roof maintenance and consult an expert on roofing services to determine how the panel installation will affect the water flow.

Solar Panel Quality


While the price of solar panels has dropped, keep in mind that the cheapest ones are often of poor quality. They are less likely to last, but they can also be harmful. You don’t want to have a safety hazard on such an essential part of your structure. 

Roof fires can pose a major threat to your entire home, so be cautious. And you don’t want to use roofing services for a burnt roof. Do extensive research before deciding on a low-cost brand or style of panels for your roof. 

Solar Panel Insurance


It will help if customers are fully insured to cover both themselves and any damage to your house during the installation process. Certain issues might develop during the assembly of your solar panels that you may not be aware of until they happen.


If your roof hasn’t been inspected in a while and you’re still unsure whether solar panels are ideal for your roof, consult a professional from a roofing services company. While solar panels have numerous advantages, you must ensure that your roof can handle them for a long time. 

And always remember and consider the factors that may affect the panels and your roof’s performance.

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